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Reyam - Dubai 2012

Newsletter 9
Summer Newsletter

Dubai, July 2012

Dear All,

It has been a creative art period. I have some exciting news to share with You!

First of all I would like to thank Alexandre from MMS Communication in Monaco for his continuous support and the beautiful changes and extensions he made for my website.

My exhibition at Arte Monaco (5-8 April 2012) was a great success! I would like to thank Ronald Boonacker (my manager for the fair) for taking care of the presentation and promotion of my works and for guarding the stand.

A special thank you also to the Braschi Family from Monaco who were so kind to lend me their painting "The Will" which was complimented by so many visitors!

Recently I have started a series of paintings on mentally and physically challenged young adults and children. The source of inspiration is my upbringing with a disabled sister and the volunteer work I do at the Dubai Mawaheb Art Studio. I believe it is an unique and new process which contributes to my charity project. Enclosed you will see the first of the series "Reyam". This painting was presented at the Raffles hotel in Dubai last month.

Furthermore, I have signed a publishing contract with Basak Malone llc who is an important curator in New York. They will promote my artworks and some works will be published in the New Collectors Book. The New Collectors Book will be available amongst others at Barnes and Noble (about 700 stores in the US only). And I'm very excited to let you know that my painting "Mata Hari" will be presented at a New York Exhibition which will take place from 5-18 January 2013 @ Ward-Nasse Gallery @ 178 Prince Street, New York, NY 10012.

The image of my latest painting Reyam will also be published in the New Art Monaco Magazine which will be actual in November 2012.

1. Please visit my galleries and catalogue as new paintings and prices have been added.
2. See my latest painting "Reyam" nr 1. of my series Beautiful people in the Oriental Gallery.
3. Basak Malone llc published Reyam in the New Collectors Book
4. New York Exhibition of my painting "Mata Hari" in New York, Prince street, Ward-Nasse Gallery, January 2013.
5. Publication of my latest painting will be in the New Art Monaco Magazine which will be actual in November of this year.
6. I have been invited to participate again at Arte Monaco 2013 in Monte Carlo which is a honor.

I hope you like to be updated on my artistic career and most importantly will enjoy my new work!

Wishing you a good summer!


Margot de Ruiter-Hooykaas